Barefoot Computing delivering digital dreams to the classroom

Barefoot empowers primary school teachers across the UK to deliver the computing curriculum brilliantly with free workshops, helpful online guides and engaging lessons. Barefoot is on the side of teachers; helping them inspire pupils to think, learn and thrive in a digital world.

Barefoot was set up in 2014 to prepare primary school teachers for the changing computing curriculum by BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT and their Computing at School network, with funding from The Department for Education.

Between 2015 and 2021, BT and Computing at School partnered to continue the programme, reaching 3 million pupils and over 85,000 teachers in the majority of primary schools across the UK.

Computing at School continue to develop ambitious plans to meet the needs of primary school teachers and their pupils, including addressing some of the big challenges for society’s relationship with IT and exploring how computing education is part of the solution.


Delivered in three ways

Children Beebot


Over 80 cross-curricular lesson plans and engaging resources. Developed by teachers and backed by research, they bring computing to life in the classroom – with or without a computer.

Online Guides

A number of helpful online guides which help primary teachers quickly and easily improve their computer science subject knowledge and confidence, with clear definitions and examples. Always jargon-free!

Barefoot Workshops

CPD Computational Thinking, Programming and Early Years Workshops are delivered by experienced volunteers via webinar. Workshops make it easy for schools to get started with Barefoot, giving them confidence in using Computational Thinking and Programming in Scratch.