What is a Barefoot workshop?

Our Computational Thinking Workshops are accessible to primary teachers and provide the perfect introduction to Barefoot, offering the opportunity to explore a selection of resources designed for your classroom and for you, available on the Barefoot website.

Barefoot workshops are delivered in schools across the UK. Our fantastic team of trained volunteers will make translating the Barefoot resources straight into your classroom easy and stress-free whatever your starting point.

How can a workshop help?

Our workshops instantly bring the Barefoot resources to life in an interactive session. Guided by your volunteer, you will explore the Barefoot website and participate in a series of our unplugged activities, demonstrating that lack of tech shouldn't be a barrier to teaching computing.

We’ll help you spot the computational thinking you have been teaching brilliantly for years and predict you’ll be surprised with how simple, easy, fun and familiar the concepts and approaches are.

How long does it last?

Barefoot workshops typically last 90 minutes. This gives our volunteers time to run through a number of the unplugged Barefoot activities, allowing you the opportunity to start exploring the online resources on the website and ask questions.

If you are time constrained, it is possible for us to squeeze the content into 60 minutes if need be. Just let us know when you request a workshop.

When and where?

We believe nothing brings Barefoot to life quite like a workshop so working with you to find a time that suits is important. That could be at the end of a school day, an INSET day or other teacher training days.

Workshops usually take place in school with volunteers coming to you, but delivering sessions in other venues – libraries, universities, – is not a problem.

We can deliver workshops in Welsh language too, just complete the Welsh language booking form.

Interested in attending a Barefoot Programming Workshop?


We are excited to announce that we are currently piloting a new Barefoot workshop – focused on programming in Scratch. 

This interactive workshop will provide teachers with an introduction to the Scratch programming environment, and introduce the concepts of sequence, repetition and selection through a series of Scratch activities.

If you would be interested in attending a programming workshop near you, please click the ‘yes I’m interested’ button below and we'll be in touch when a workshop comes to your local area.