What is a Barefoot volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will lead face-to-face Computational Thinking Workshops to help get teachers started with Barefoot. As well as running through everything our website has to offer, you will introduce computational thinking and share a range of fun activities that don't need a computer.

Workshops are 60-minutes long and usually take place in a school local to you.

"It’s easily the best thing I’ve ever been involved with in terms of challenge, skills and feeling good." Ian Clapshaw, Barefoot Volunteer

What is the training and recruitment process?

The Barefoot team is here to support volunteers every step of the way. Someone will be in touch to arrange a 60-minute training call after you register.

Everything you need is provided including a PowerPoint presentation and leave-behind materials. You will have access to our volunteering portal, making it easy to search for nearby schools and plan sessions.

Do I need technical knowledge?

No. You don’t need a teaching or computer science background. Everyone is welcome regardless of their profession or experience.

Workshops focus on activities that don’t need a computer, so you don’t need technical knowledge. You are not expected to train teachers – we just need your help to spread the word about Barefoot!

What will the benefits be to me?

Be part of a community of volunteers that help support time-strapped teachers and prepare millions of pupils for the digital world.

As a volunteer, you will make a real impact in your local area as well as improving your presentation skills and boosting your CV – a win win for you and the schools!

When and where do workshops take place?

Workshops typically take place in your local schools. They tend to be at the end of the school day between 3.30pm and 5pm, or during teacher training days.

Our team will help you organise a suitable time and location. If you have any restrictions or are able to travel further afield, we are happy to facilitate.

What commitment is required?

We appreciate your support, whether you are able to deliver 2 or 20 workshops. There is no minimum commitment.

As well as the initial training call, we ask that you spend some time familiarising yourself with the Barefoot website, lesson plans, resources, concepts and approaches.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Barefoot family.

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