Children are born ready and eager to learn and they enjoy interacting with others around them. Providing the opportunities to interact positively in an environment that supports their learning is crucial.

By the time children have hit our Early Years setting they may have already experienced active learning, been involved in persevering and have enjoyed achieving a goal. They have formed their own ideas, have enjoyed exploring, making things and playing with familiar objects.

Through our Barefoot activities and resources, we aim to develop scaffolded learning activities to support EY teachers that will allow children to continue their learning journey. Early Years settings already provide high quality interactions with teachers and other peers, which allow children to master key skills and subsequently stimulate learning.

By identifying and developing the computational thinking approaches to learning such as tinkering, creating and debugging we can support children in mastering skills such as persevering and working with others.

The Barefoot Early Years activities build on current good practice of encouraging play based learning. We want to promote effective learning in the classroom where children can play, explore and actively learn have the opportunity to create and critically think about a challenge they face and so continue to be a motivated learner.