What is PRIMM?

PRIMM is a simple way to create sets of carefully designed lesson activities to help teach programming. The theory was developed by a computing educational researcher, Sue Sentance, to help teach Python, a text- based programming language, in secondary schools in England. In Sue’s research, PRIMM was seen to improve pupil’s learning [1].

We do not yet have evidence that PRIMM works for other programming languages, such as block-based programming languages like Scratch. However, we think that the approach could be just as effective, as the research on which PRIMM builds is very well regarded.

In this short article, we introduce you to PRIMM, and we hope you might have a go at using some of the ideas in your own teaching. This could be when using BeeBots, Scratch, Logo, Crumbles or the MicroBit. PRIMM is not just for Python!