Barefoot meets micro:bit


We’re really excited to have teamed up with the fantastic folk at the micro:bit foundation to bring you two lessons which introduce the micro:bit to our Barefoot teachers. 


Both lessons encourage us to take our computing outdoors, as pupils aged 7 - 9 create ‘Wildlife Animations’ using the micro:bit’s LEDs, and pupils aged 9 - 11 turn their micro:bits into counting devices and go on a ‘Litter Hunt’ around their school. 


Click on the tiles below to learn more and download the lessons. 



Barefoot meets micro:bit - Wildlife Animations

Age: 7-9 years

Curriculum Links:

Concepts & Approaches:
Sequence, Outputs, Repetition, Programming

In this activity, pupils first program the micro:bit’s LEDs to display an image. They then go on to create a simple animation on the micro:bit’s LEDs inspired by wildlife and using repetition commands. 



Barefoot meets micro:bit - Litter Hunt

Age: 9-11 years

Curriculum Links:

Concepts & Approaches:
Inputs, Variables

In this activity, pupils learn about the role of variables in storing data. Pupils then program the micro:bit to act as a counting device, using variables. They then use their counter to investigate the amount of litter around their school.

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