Barefoot Bytes - Age 9-11

Age: 9-11 years

Type: Quick collaborative activities

Curriculum Links to: PSHE, PE, Maths, English, D&T

The Barefoot Bytes - Age 9-11 has been rated 1 stars


Our little bytes of learning fun have been designed to encourage pupil engagement with collaborative activities. These are easy to do and can be used in school and at home tech-free, using pens, paper and other everyday items to teach computational thinking skills and concepts, encompassing a range of different subjects.

For those aged 9-11 we have the following activities to try;

  • Our arrival algorithm – decomposition helps with this activity
  • PE mini-drills – create and de-bug mini drills for others to follow
  • Collab-ART – spot patterns as pupils collaborate on a piece of artwork
  • Hide and seek – take a turn and use logic to find the hidden shapes
  • Whodunnit? – create a quiz and use abstraction and logic to find out whodunnit
  • Text transfer – get the message across using computational thinking skills
  • Our rainbow garden – design a flowerbed on a rainbow scheme
  • You’ve got a friend in me – find patterns in songs and music