Barefoot Careers – Technology match

Age: 5-7 years

Type: Unplugged

Curriculum Links to: PSHE

The Barefoot Careers – Technology match has been rated 1 stars


In this lesson pupils learn about people’s jobs and some of the technology they use. Learning is through discussion, a card matching activity and creating new cards for others to match.


  • I can name some jobs
  • I can match technology to some jobs
  • I can say what technology is used in some jobs


Informal, teacher assessment of progress during main task, class discussions and plenary.

  • Can pupils name some jobs? e.g. A nurse, a shop assistant
  • Can pupils match jobs to technologies? E.g. A nurse uses a machine which measures heart beats
  • Can pupils explain how technology is used in some jobs? E.g. A shop assistant uses a scanner to look up the price of things in the shop
  • Can pupils research and share other jobs that use technology?

LESSON TIMING: 35 - 45 mins