Code Cracking - Cyber/Data

Age: 9-11 years

Type: Unit

Curriculum Links to: History, PSHE, English, Maths

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This unit of six lessons introduces pupils to the history of computing and, in particular, how computers were used as code-cracking devices in World War II. Pupils learn about Alan Turing and become code crackers themselves. They then create their own movie about code cracking.


  • I can collaborate as part of a team, using logic and decomposition to solve code-cracking problems
  • I can collaborate as a team to research, create and present a presentation about Alan Turing
  • I can create a simple algorithm, in the form of a movie storyboard
  • I can create the props, set and scripts for a movie
  • I can tinker and use movie-making software and equipment to create a movie about code cracking
  • I can present finished work to an audience and evaluate my own and others’ work using specified criteria


  • Informal teacher assessment of progress during the lessons (for example - deciphered code), and formal, summative assessment of movies produced. Focus on: fact files and presentations, storyboard algorithms, movies and evaluation sheets
  • Peer assessment of presentations and completed movies

LESSON TIMING: 6 x 60 min