Make a Game Project

Design, write and debug programs

Age: Recommended Year Group 7-11 years

Type: Scratch

Curriculum Links to: D&T

The Make a Game Project has been rated 5 stars


In this short project, pupils create a simple game. A rainforest theme has been used as the context here, but the theme can be adapted to any topic. In the first lesson pupils design their game and create artwork for their background and main character. In the following coding lessons, they write and debug their code. In the final lesson they present and evaluate their games.

A generic approach is provided in this project; this is so that the activities can be adapted to a classes level of experience, the teacher confidence, the number of lessons needed for coding as well as the topic. Similarly the software used can be adapted, in the examples provided here Scratch has been used, but this could be replaced with alternatives such as Kodu, Hopscotch etc.


  • I can decompose a game into its parts.
  • I can design a game.
  • I can create the artwork for a game.
  • I can write and debug a game.
  • I can present a game.
  • I can evaluate a game.


  • Informal, teacher assessment of progress during main tasks, class discussions and plenary.
  • Formal, summative assessment of designs, Scratch code, project journals, evaluation sheets, if used (note however some of these are completed in pairs).
  • Areas to focus on:
    • Design
      • Decomposition
      • Algorithms
    • Programming
      • Debugging
      • Sequence
      • Repetition
      • Selection
      • Variables
    • Presentation
    • Evaluation


This lesson in your curriculum


  • Design, write and debug programs

Design & Technology 

  • Apply their understanding of computing to program, monito and control their products