Pizza Party - Data

An introduction to data modelling

Age: 9-11 years

Type: Data

Curriculum Links to: D&T, Maths, Languages

The Pizza Party - Data has been rated 5 stars


There are five lesson plans and accompanying materials covering the collection, analysis and evaluation of data. With Italy as the core theme, pupils will develop their practical computational skills in online research and modelling using spreadsheets. To top things off, they will celebrate their efforts with a class pizza party!


  • I can search the internet effectively for information about a topic and have an understanding of copyright
  • I understand how spreadsheets can help me to solve problems, and am familiar with the spreadsheet modelling cycle
  • I can collect and enter data values into a spreadsheet, and predict what a change to a spreadsheet will do
  • I can follow a recipe algorithm to create a pizza
  • I can evaluate my own work, and the work of other pupils


  • Informal teacher assessment of progress during the lessons and formal, summative assessment of spreadsheets produced. Focus on: pupil research and presentations, data entry, maths and spreadsheet work, ability to follow algorithms to make pizzas, and evaluation of work.
  • Peer assessment of presentations and completed pizzas.

LESSON TIMING: 5 x 60 min