ScratchJr Knock-Knock Joke Activity

Age: 5-7 years

Type: ScratchJr

Curriculum Links to: English

The ScratchJr Knock-Knock Joke Activity has been rated 5 stars


In this activity pupils, in pairs, create a simple animation program of a knock knock joke. They use a storyboard to create their design, write the code in ScratchJr, debug and evaluate.

One of the key learning points in this lesson is that pupils will have to control the timing and order of the two sprites saying the knock, knock joke lines. In this activity the ‘wait’ command is used to sequence the events.


  • I can make a design using a storyboard.
  • I can write code.
  • I can debug my code.


  • Informal, teacher assessment of progress during main task, class discussions and plenary.
  • Formal, summative assessment of the designs and ScratchJr projects if required (note however these are completed in pairs).
  • Areas to focus on: Creating a simple design with the parts in the correct order. Writing code for each part of the design. Continuous debugging as pupils add code rather than just at the end. Getting the parts of their code to work in the correct order.


This lesson in your curriculum


  • Create and debug simple programs

Possible links could be:

5 – 6 years: Develop pleasure in reading, motivation to read, vocabulary and understanding by:

  • recognising and joining in with predictable phrases
  • spell: words containing each of the 40+ phonemes already taught

6 – 7 years:

  • Spell by: segmenting spoken words into phonemes and representing these by graphemes, spelling many correctly; learning to spell more words with contracted forms (e.g. who’s)