Spelling Rules Algorithms

Age: 5-7 years (although can be adapted for other years)

Type: Unplugged

Curriculum Links to: English

The Spelling Rules Algorithms has been rated 5 stars


In this short unplugged spelling activity, pupils explore the graphemes for a particular phoneme (its spelling rules), as chosen by you. They start to understand what algorithms are, and use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple algorithms.


  • I know what an algorithm is.
  • I understand that spelling rules can be thought of as algorithms.
  • I can predict what a simple algorithm will do by using a spelling rule.
  • I can use the ‘or’ phoneme (or other phoneme you are learning).


  • You could assess pupils’ answers to specific questions and jottings on whiteboards or in their books related to rules. E.g. Have they used spelling rules to work out the spelling for a word? Can they say a spelling rule is an algorithm?

LESSON TIMING: 20 – 30 min