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Introducing Barefoot Bytes


Introducing our new fun, flexible learning activities, Barefoot Bytes!

Here you’ll find a fantastic range of activities that are great for slotting in between lessons to keep your pupils engaged and excited about learning again. These Bytes are designed to teach children about the necessary problem-solving skills they need, such as algorithms, decomposition and patterns while boosting morale and injecting fun back into the classroom.

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Scratch Maths Quiz Selection

  • Age: 7-11 years
  • Concepts / Approaches: Debugging, Collaborating, Selection, Programming
  • Curriculum Links: Maths

Pupils create a maths quiz in Scratch and learn about selection which, in this activity, allows the flow of the program to be altered depending on the player’s answers to questions. Initially pupils will use an ‘If… then…’ selection command, before moving on to using an ‘If…then… else…’ command.

World Map Logic Activity

  • Age: 5-7 years
  • Concepts / Approaches: Tinkering, Programming, Logic
  • Curriculum Links: Geography

Pupils look at sequences of commands and use logical reasoning to predict what they do. They then program their commands to see if their predictions are correct.

Stop, think…do I consent?

  • Age: 9 – 11 years
  • Concepts / Approaches: Collaborating, Internet Services
  • Curriculum Links: English, Digital Literacy, PSHE

In this activity, pupils learn about the terms and conditions of a variety of social media organisations, and reflect on the personal information which people consent to ‘giving away’ when they sign up to such websites.

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