Bee-Bots Tinkering Activity

Exploring using Bee-Bots

Age: 5 - 7 years

Type: Bee-Bots

Curriculum Links to: Maths, D&T, computing

The Bee-Bots Tinkering Activity has been rated 5 stars


This activity involves pupils tinkering with Bee-Bots to find out what they do and how to program them. They will start to understand the very simple programming language – the command buttons – used by Bee-Bots.


  • I can tinker to find out about Bee-Bots.


  • Observe and listen to pupils in their exploration. Are pupils confident to tinker independently or do they wait for instruction? Do they copy others or try new and novel ways of using the Bee-Bot? Do they ask questions about what the device can do and try out different ways of using the Bee-Bot?

LESSON TIMING: 10-15 min

This lesson in your curriculum


  • Create simple programs
  • Recognise common uses of information technology beyond school

Design and Technology

  • When designing and making, pupils should be taught to: Evaluate: explore and evaluate a range of existing products

Geometry – position and direction:

  • Year 1: Pupils should be taught to: describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns
  • Year 2: Pupils should be taught to: use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement, including movement in a straight line and distinguishing between rotation as a turn and in terms of right