Decomposition Unplugged Activity KS2

Tut, clap or jive

Age: 7-11 years

Type: Unplugged

Curriculum Links to: PE

The Decomposition Unplugged Activity KS2 has been rated 5 stars


This is an unplugged activity in which pupils create hand clapping, hand tutting or hand jive sequences of movements. Pupils break the sequence of actions down into parts and in so doing are decomposing. Pupils link this idea to breaking problems down when creating computer programs such as animations or games.


  • I can break a sequence of moves down into its parts.
  • I can decompose a sequence.
  • I can say why this is useful.
  • I can say how decomposition is used when creating computer programs like animations or games.


  • Informal teacher assessment of pupils during main task and plenary. Focus on understanding of decomposition e.g. are the parts in the right order, do you have all the parts, where do you start/end, do you repeat any parts, can you further decompose a particular part? Also can pupils relate this to creating computer programs.


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  • Key Stage 1: although decomposition is not explicitly mentioned in the key stage 1 programme of study, it is used when pupils break a task down to work out the steps in a simple algorithm or when they choose a part of a program to work on when they ‘create and debug programs’
  • Key Stage 2: solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts


  • Perform dances using simple movement patterns (KS1)
  • Perform dances using a range of movement patterns (KS2)