Scratch Maths Quiz Selection

Using selection in programs

Age: 7-11 years

Type: Scratch

Curriculum Links to: Maths

The Scratch Maths Quiz Selection has been rated 5 stars


In this activity pupils create a maths quiz in Scratch and learn about selection. In this activity selection allows the flow of the program to be altered depending on the player’s answers to questions. Initially pupils will use an ‘If… then…’ selection command to make their quiz respond ‘Well done’ when the player answers correctly. Pupils then move on to using an ‘If…then… else…’ command so the program will also give the correct answer when the player gets an answer wrong.


  • I can explain what selection is
  • I can write a program using selection


  • Informal teacher assessment of progress during main task, class discussions and plenary. Focus on pupil understanding of the concept of selection and the correct use of the two types selection commands in their program.
  • Formal, summative assessment of Scratch projects if required (note however these are completed in pairs).


This lesson in your curriculum


  • Use sequence in programs


Lower Key Stage 2

  • The principal focus of mathematics teaching in lower key stage 2 is to ensure that pupils become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value

Upper Key Stage 2

  • At this stage, pupils should develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems, including increasingly complex properties of numbers and arithmetic, and problems demanding efficient written and mental methods of calculation