Stop, think…do I consent? - Online Safety

Age: 9 – 11 years

Type: Classroom, Unplugged

Curriculum Links to: English, Digital Literacy, PSHE

The Stop, think…do I consent? - Online Safety has been rated 1 stars


In this activity, pupils learn about the terms and conditions of a variety of social media organisations, and reflect on the personal information which people consent to ‘giving away’ when they sign up to such websites. Pupils create a ‘data gift’ which they can place next to their computer, to remind them of the importance of knowing what they are consenting to. The lesson is continued at home as pupils become the teacher and ask their older siblings, parents or carers to reflect on what personal data they too might be giving away in their data gift.

Please note that this lesson includes a discussion around social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. It is important to highlight that the terms and conditions of these organisations stipulate users should be over 13 – for WhatsApp, over 16 – however Barefoot believes it important pupils are educated on how to use these platforms safely prior to them being able to create user accounts - leaving it until after seems a bit late!


  • To know what consent means when we agree to terms and conditions online
  • To know the rights we give to social media organisations to use our personal information
  • To understand the value our personal information has to social media organisations


  • Not specified.

LESSON TIMING: 55 minutes