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It's time for our Early Years teachers to get in on the action!

We’ve created a range of enjoyable, free resources and activities based around computational thinking concepts and approaches. These help you to teach your pupils the necessary problem-solving skills needed for everyday life. The resources are collaborative, and they offer options for use both in the classroom and at home. They are cross-curricular, so you can slot them into your teaching where you see fit, in order to boost engagement or inject a little bit of something different into the classroom!

Early Years Resources


Age: 4-6 years

Curriculum Links:
Science, Maths, English, D&T

Concepts & Approaches:
Algorithms, Decomposition, Creating, Tinkering, Logic, Patterns, Abstraction, Collaborating

Takes children on a journey of discovery as they investigate boats. Four activities make up this set of resources. Includes different uses of boats, floating and sinking predictions, creating a good boat through exploring designs and role play.


Age: 4-6 years

Curriculum Links:
PSHE, English, Science

Concepts & Approaches:
Algorithms, Decomposition, Debugging, Logic, Patterns, Abstraction

Provides four activities that help children discover how bodies move and grow. Using the resources provided they explore and learn about parts of the body, growth and movement.

Simple algorithms are created and adapted to form a routine of movements.


A guide to explain the importance of computational thinking in early years and the terminology used.

Unsure about how to use our new Early Years resources
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Watch and see how you can incorporate our Early Years resources into your classroom and how computational thinking builds the necessary skill set your pupils need for everyday life.

FREE Computational Thinking Poster

It details the concepts and approaches to give you a helping hand whilst you're teaching your Early Years pupils (and it brightens up the classroom too!)

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