Colourful Kits

Same or different?

Age: 5-7 years

Type: Data

Curriculum Links to: Geography, Maths, Digital Literacy

The Colourful Kits has been rated 1 stars


How does the crowd at a sports event know what country (team) an athlete is representing? Find out about countries that take part in sporting competitions by looking in detail at how the colours and patterns of their flags are included in sports kit and equipment of their team. Pupils are introduced to the idea of attributes, the name given to pieces of data, and use these to solve problems. They spot patterns, i.e. what is the same or different about shapes, flags and sports kits. They spot and fix mistakes in kit designs that are not quite right.


  • I can group objects e.g. shapes, flags
  • I can say which features (attributes) have
  • I can spot mistakes in grouping activities
  • I can explain how to fix these mistakes


  • Pupils can group objects.
  • Pupils can say how objects have been grouped, based on their attributes.
  • Pupils can spot mistakes in the grouping activities.
  • Pupils can explain how to fix mistakes. In the Muddled Kits activities, pupils mention the attributes which do not match the sport or flag, and explain how to correct the mistakes, e.g. the GB basketball player shouldn’t be wearing green, because this colour does not match his flag. He shouldn’t have a paddle because this does not match his sport.

LESSON TIMING: 2 x 60 min