Data Dash

Collecting data

Age: 7-9 years

Type: Data

Curriculum Links to: PE, Maths, Digital Literacy

The Data Dash has been rated 1 stars


In this lesson pupils answer questions about countries’ performance in a multi-sports competition by selecting and using data attributes and values. Pupils then plan how to answer the question ‘Are we as fast as a professional athlete?’ by identifying the data they will need to collect.


  • I know a data attribute is a feature or property of something
  • I know a data value is the value collected for a data attribute
  • I can select and use data attributes and values to work out answers to questions
  • I can identify which data attributes are required to answer a question


Informal teacher assessment of progress during the lesson. Key pupils’ knowledge and skills to identify include:
  • Do pupils know what the terms data attribute and data value mean?
  • Can pupils identify data attributes and data values from a table?
  • Can pupils suggest data attributes for a given object?
  • Can pupils identify the data attributes required to answer a question?
  • Formal assessment of the recording table pupils construct.

LESSON TIMING: 3 x 60 min