Do the right thing

Age: 6 - 7 years

Type: Cyber

Curriculum Links to: PSHE, Digital Literacy

The Do the right thing has been rated 1 stars


The second of two lessons on the subject of ownership, permissions and the use of digital resources which are the basics of the ethical use of computers, including data literacy and cyber security.

Following on from the first lesson which focused on ownership, permission and use of familiar real life objects, in lesson two, the three concepts are extended to digital contexts. Pupils respond to storycards giving scenarios on digital ownership and work out:

  • Who owns the “digital” object?
  • What permission has been given?
  • What use is allowed?

The concept of copyright is introduced at the end of the lesson as the grown-up rules for answering these three questions.


  • To know that digital things have owners too.
  • To understand that you need permission to use digital things.
  • To know that even if you have permission to use a digital thing, there might be rules about what you can do with it.


  • Pupils can give examples of digital things.
  • Pupils can say who the owner of a digital things is or might be.
  • Pupils can say whether we have permission to use something or not.
  • Pupils can give examples of rules which might apply to our use of someone else’s things.